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93: 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Alerts

Image provided by OPEN Forum by American ExpressNormally, you’d find an article here for my blog subscribers.  This AdverRyting, though, is a forward to my article that published this week on OPEN Forum by American Express.  This is my first article published in this clearinghouse of information and advice for entrepreneurs and marketers.  For months, if not years, I’ve been going to the OPEN Forum to learn how to grow my own business; so, it’s exciting for me to see my work next to that of the small business experts that the OPEN Forum has assembled.

The process was a little different for me—collaborating with an editor again, but that external insight proved both a welcome benefit and constructive challenge.

The principles in this article apply not only to the auction industry and the marketing practice but also to students, parents, employees, and non-profit workers.  I implement Google Alerts for many of the potential uses shown in the article; so, I can make these recommendations based on personal experience.

With further ado, here are the “5 Reasons You Should Be Using Goodle Alerts.”

OPEN Forum Sample Email

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