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206: 5 Ways to Get More Clicks from Facebook Video Ads

While photo-based ads typically outperform video and slideshow ads for my clients, I have seen videos deliver significant website traffic for some auctions. If you do reminder ads to pixel traffic, a slideshow or video can add value by mixing some variety into your second interaction with potential buyers. If you’re using video on your website, anyway, it’s worth experimenting with video ads and even A/B testing them with photo-based ads. Your videos will perform much better both in those tests and in general, if they follow the following guidelines.

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I Can’t Thank the Late Rex Schrader Enough

Rex Schrader’s earthly life came to a close on Friday, and he left a torch for us all to carry. Rex showed me what that flame entailed and how to carry it. In short, that man changed my life. I feel indebted to continue what he modeled during the 18 years of our friendship. Rex

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203: What Happened When I Got a Taste of My Own Medicine?

How did I know that would be the result? What gave me the confidence I’d win that bet? I’ve been drinking my own Kool-Aid for the past three years. I’m a convert and a missionary, the doctor and the patient, the scientist and the test subject. I don’t think I’m the president of the club, but I’m most definitely a member.

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202: Two (Misguided) Questions Auctioneers Ask About Facebook Advertising

The more important questions to ask are:
• How am I adapting to the changing buying culture?
• What has my experimentation and analytics shown me recently?

Marketers who don’t continually ask themselves those questions will eventually be replaced by those in companies who do. That should worry every auctioneer far more than the future of Facebook.

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201: What Do Auction Buyers Really Want From Us?

All of this is why my clients’s Facebook ads don’t read like newspaper ads or sale bills. People don’t buy auctions. They might not even buy things. People buy how those things make them feel, how those things solve a problem, how they assume those things will make their life better.

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