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Don’t miss out on what your auction industry peers already know: Biplane Productions is a valuable partner to help you create better targeting, better media, and better sale prices.

Biplane Productions has created advertising for well over 200 different auction companies and worked for six past NAA presidents. Biplane Productions has been part of the marketing team on more than 8,000 auctions spanning every state but Alaska plus multiple countries in North America, South America, and Europe.

Here are a few of the reviews from our auctioneer partners:

Lucas Schneider, Schneider Auction (Missouri)

Ryan George is one of three reasons that I can say I have increased my income ten fold over the past five years. He’s not for everyone, and if you look at marketing like most auctioneers do (like I used to) you might think he is crazy at first, but he is not.”

Jerry King, King Auction & Realty (North Carolina)

“The auction was an absolute runaway success. I can’t thank you enough for what you did on Facebook. You are certainly a master of your craft.”

John Schultz, Grafe Auction (Minnesota)

“Ryan is an excellent designer. He regularly thinks outside of the box, and delivers high-end award winning auction marketing materials.”

Don Erler, Don Erler Auctions (Kentucky)

“An auctioneer came up to me after the auction and said no one would ever accuse me of not adequately advertising the auction.”

Barry Cole, AB Cole & Associates (Virginia)

“The marketing was outstanding for the Roanoke auction. The auction did very well and was an exciting event as we watched it grow out of the ground to full bloom . . . It really is great when we’re not standing alone and the person on the other end feels our pain. I don’t think customers realize that many of us carry such a heavy burden. It’s not all about the money, but I guess I feel personally responsible for the outcome of the event. For many people we serve, this is their one shot at retirement, and there are no redos or safety nets.”

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