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Lucas Schneider

Past & Present Clients

Aasness Auctioneers, MN
A.B. Cole & Associates, VA
Advantage Land Company, SD
Allen & Marshall, MD
Albrecht Auction, MI
Alpenglow Benefit Auctions, NH
American Auctions & Appraisals, MD
Auction New Mexico, NM
Auction Services Group, VA
Auctions ASAP, KY
AuctionWorks, TX
Aumann Auctions, IL
Baer Auctioneers – Realty, OH
Bartz Auction, MD
BCK Enterprises, AL
Beckort Auctions, IN
Benefit Bidding, TX
Behm’s Auction Service, WV
Big Red Auctions, MI
Big South Realty & Auction, KY
Black Tie Benefit Auctions, VA
Bonnette Auctions, LA
Bradshaw Auctions, TX
Brokerage Land Company, MI
Brooks Auction Services, SC
Burns & Associates, SC
Centennial Auctions, NH
Clay Auction & Realty, MO
Comas Montgomery, TN
Corporate Auction Group, MO
Cotton & Associates, FL
Counts Realty & Auction, VA
Darren L Bok Auctioneering, OH
Demoss Auction Company, IA
Don Smock Auctions, IN
Duncan Miller Company, OH
Eddie Haynes, Inc., OK
Ehli Auctions, WA
EK Auctioneers, TN
Enlisted Auctions, VA
Entrusted Auctions, VA
Euro Auctions, UK
Farmer Auctions, VA
Fine & Company, IL
Forbes Realty & Auction, NC
For Sale at Auction, VA
Fox Auction Company, IA
Global Force Auction Group, MD
Global Partners, CA
Gatlin Auction, CO
Grafe Auction, MN
Halfhill Auction Group, KY
Hansen & Young Auctioneers, WI
Harper Auction & Realty, SC
Head Auctions & Realty, MS
Higgenbotham Auctioneers Int’l, FL
Hopkins & Associates, MD
Iron Bound Solutions, TX
J&H Auctions, IA
Jay Whirley Auction Sales, TN
Jeff Martin Auctioneers, MS
Jetlotz, TX
JJManning Auctioneers, MA
Joe R Pyle Auction Service, PA
J.R. Dixon Auctions, SC
Kaufman Realty & Auction, OH
King Auctioneers, NC
Kinsey Auctioneers & Real Estate, MT
Lange Auctions, KS
Leist Auctioneers, MI
Laumeyer Schultz, MN
Luxury Auction Group, FL
Malama Auctions & Appraisals, HI
Manning Drake Auctioneers, FL
Mark Walters & Company, FL
Marshall Real Estate Auctions, MD
Martin, Goodrich & Waddell, IL
Massart Auctioneers, WI
Massey Real Estate, MD
Max Spann Auction Co., NJ
Mayo Auction Realty, MO
McBride Auctioneers, KS
McCall Auctions, IA
McLaughlin Auctioneers, MN
McLemore Auction Company, TN
Meares Auction Group, SC
Meier Auctioneers, TX
Menish Auctions SVN, KY
Michael Hoffman & Associates, OH
MidDelta Auction, MS
Moss Auction Team, IL
Mound City Auctions, MO
Musser Brothers Auction, MT, WA & WY
National Property Solutions, IL
Northern Kentucky Auction, KY
Ohio Real Estate Auctions, OH
Palmetto Auction & Realty, SC
Pamela Rose Auction Co., MI
Pearce & Associates, AL
Peoples Company, IA
Pickens Auction Service, OK
Platinum Bid Auction Service, MI
Purple Wave Auction, KS
Real Estate Auction Partners, KS, CA
Realty Auction Services, ID
Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers, CO
Rogers & Associates, IA
Rogers Realty & Auction, NC
Roop’s Auction Service, MD
Rose Auction Group, OH
Sage Auctions, IA
Sage Listings, WA
Schneider Auction, MO
Schrader RE & Auction, IN
Schrader New Haven, IN
Schrader/Westchester, IL
Scott Auctions, VA
South East Land Sales & Auctions, AL
Sheridan Realty & Auction, MI
Sheridan Auto Auctions, MI
Smith Sales Co Auctioneering, MT
Steffes Group, ND
Straley Realty & Auctioneers, OH
T&S Auction Service, IN
Tammy Miller Auctions, PA
Tasabah & Associates, AR
Theurer Auction/Realty, KS
Tranzon, LLC, VA
Tranzon Asset Strategies, KY
Tranzon Auction Properties, ME
Tranzon Driggers, FL
Tranzon Hagen, GA
United Country Alta Terra, TX
Vondenhuevel Auctioneers, OH
Wallace Land Company, IL
Walton Realty & Auction, OH
Wavebid, MN
Wears Auctioneering, IA
Weeks Auction Group, GA
West Central Auction Co., MO
Wigton RE & Auction, OH
Wolfe Industrial Auctions, MD
Yellow Iron Auctions, WA

Seminar Hosts

Auctioneers Assoc. of MD
Auction Marketing Management
Certified Auctioneers Institute
Fredrick Co. (MD) Auctioneers
KS State Auctioneers Association
Liberty University Chapter: AIGA
Liberty University Chapter: AAF
Mendenhall School of Auctioneering
MI State Auctioneers Association
MN State Auctioneers Association
National Auctioneers Association
OH Auctioneers Association
OK State Auctioneers Assoc.

Non-auction Clients

Allow the Children, VA
Appraisal One Services, VA
Arundel Oriental Rug, MD
Blue Ridge Community Church, VA
Centurian Asset Management, VA
City View by the James, VA
Colonial Properties, VA
Counts Realty Group, VA
Farmington at Forest, VA
Emerson Resources, PA
Essence Health, VA
Foster Fuels, VA
Jennings Works, VA
Mad Science of Central Virginia
Mad Science of Southeast CT
Mad Science of Columbia, SC
OmniTech USA, VA
Pinewood Properties, VA
Real Estate One Livonia, MI
RE/MAX First Olympic, VA
Sentry Exteriors, VA
Strathy Construction, VA
The Bauer Group, MI
The Realty Group, VA
Timberland Investments, VA
West Manor Bed & Breakfast, VA
Wingfield Real Estate, VA


“Ryan is an excellent designer. He regularly thinks outside of the box, and delivers high-end award winning auction marketing materials. Because of his work, customers routinely ask to have their auctions advertised with his “high-end” brochures. Ryan is a top notch designer, and highly recommended!”
John Schultz: Grafe Auction
Spring Valley, MN

Just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have given us. Our [Facebook] and website stats are blowing my mind!
Megan Hammond: Advantage Land Company
Brookings, SD

There were bidding wars on everything . . . Stupid money was being spent. I actually had a couple of other auctioneers reach out and ask what I had done and how I had done it, because they couldn’t move [asset category] this well. Again, thank you for making me look good.”
Billy Hagen: T&S Auction Service
Pekin, IN

An auctioneer came up to me after the auction and said no one would ever accuse me of not adequately advertising the auction.
Don Erler
Louisville, KY

“Our internet campaign is paying is paying 100% dividends. I have had to seek zero consignments. They are coming to me.”
Josh Ruby: Wolfe Industrial Auctions
Frederick, MD

Your design was perfect!  Thanks for the great job!
Sheri Manley: Weeks Auction Group
Moultrie, GA

As I have always known and you reaffirmed all the time…in Yiddish you are called a Mensch.
Michael Fine: Fine & Company
Deerfield, IL

“You are the best.  Our brand is in good hands!”
D Byers: Centennial Auctions
North Conway, NH

“You are the best at what you do. We will use you again.”
I’ve had more compliments on the [most recent] postcard design than anything we have ever done. Once again, good job.”
William Head: Head Auctions & Realty
Flora, MS

“You do awesome work!!”
Chet Straley: Straley Realty & Auctioneers
Van Wert, OH

You will be doing all of our design from this point forward.  My sellers can’t afford not to use you!  And I really like the new found time that this has freed up.  More time for working on the next deal, family, and today I cut the grass at church.
Lucas Schneider: Schneider Auction
Berger, MO

Thanks again for all your hard work on your projects. We love the work you are doing and so do our customers.”
“Thank you so much for all your hard work! This is by far the best brochure we have sent out to date.”
Britney Ross: Jeff Martin Auctioneers
Brooklyn, MS

Again thanks for a great job!  (Your previous 2012 great toy brochure was part of the reason we received this business!)
Mike Schultz: Schultz Auctioneers
Upsala, MN

I am selling you. Did it all day today.
Charlie Britt: The Counts Realty & Auction Group
Richmond, VA

“We had very good results and had many people register and buy because of Facebook ads.
Johan Krahn: Iron Bound Auctions
Seminole, TX

“Got our first call this afternoon from an attorney with business for us.  He got the postcard today!
Chip Pearce: Pearce & Associates
Alabaster, AL

“Thanks for your effort on this. We’ve shown this house to over 25 interested parties in the last week! Nearly 100% of them are from the postcard or Facebook [the two media Biplane created].”
Lucas Schneider: Schneider Auction
Berger, MO

“I think we have the best looking ads in our local paper.  Our business has increased and I think you are a factor.”
Tasabah Malone: Tasabah & Associates
Paragould, AR

“Thank you for all of your work you do for the auctions I book.  The auction brochures have a huge impact on helping me get more auctions.”
Curt Marshall: United Country Crossroads Realty & Auction
Wellington, KS

“It is such a pleasure working with you.  You are always right on top of everything!  Thank you for making my job so much easier.”
Lois Zielinski: National Auctioneers Association
Overland Park, KS

“I have to say Ryan, you have been fabulous to work with.”
Michael Stein: sage LISTINGS
Everett, WA

“It was wonderful doing business with you; your work was outstanding!”
Jennifer Montrie: Montrie Auction & Estate Service
Toledo, OH

“We look at Ryan George as part of the team.  He just works in Virginia.”
Doug Sheridan: Sheridan Realty & Auction Company
Mason, MI

“Making Ryan and Biplane Productions a part of our auction business was the best decision we ever made! His knowledge and expertise in brochure design is second to none — not to mention his professionalism and customer service! Ryan understands the many facets of the auction industry and how to design an attractive brochure. I would highly recommend Biplane Productions for any auction company!”
Cammy Theurer McComb: Theurer Auction/Realty
Wellington, KS

Testimonials (cont.)

I wanted to thank you for helping market our last auction.  We had a good turnout and got great exposure for our company and for this auction.  Our auction nearly doubled the pre-auction estimate and our seller is absolutely thrilled.
Wade Leist, Leist Auctioneers
Boyne City, MI

“Just wanted to thank you again for a job well done. Check is in the mail and it was one bill that I was proud to pay!”
Bryan Knox, BCK Enterprises Auctions & Appraisals
Gardendale, AL

“Well to be honest, I’m just overwhelmed with what you have delivered. Exceeding all expectations.”
I feel so blessed to have your help!”
Charlie Bradshaw, Bradshaw Auctions
George West, TX

Thanks for all the help. Appreciate you taking all the information and sifting through it to produce quality product.”
Ethan Vick, Weeks Auction Group
Moultrie, GA

“Ryan George and Biplane Productions have been a valuable vendor to our firm. Their professionalism and reaction time are impeccable. They perform up to the standards we expect at!”
Justin J. Manning, CAI, AARE: Auctioneers
Yarmouthport, MA

“You tell ’em that you have my full support. I think we need your knowledge . . . you do excellent work.”
Bill Sheridan: Sheridan Realty & Auction Company
Mason, MI

“I’ve had so many calls saying they are finding the auctions by their web searches….I think the new online marketing system is really paying off! Just had a call from ALASKA…a guy that was looking to return home to the area who did a Google search and then pulled the auction from one of the online sites”
Rachel Chillas-Pickens: Pickens Auctions
Stillwater, OK

“Ryan George has been responsible for our graphic and marketing concept needs over the past several years. This rewarding relationship has proven over and over again, that Ryan’s artistic visions and marketing skills are top-shelf, and as far as I am concerned, second to none!

“By entrusting our graphic and promotional needs to Ryan, we have been totally assured that our clients receive the best marketing service available, which has resulted with a very high level of client satisfaction, and in turn, great referral business.
Gary Bauer: The Brokerage Land Company
Jackson, MI

Thanks again for all you do for the industry! You are a huge helps to the little guys like me.”
Ben Yoder, Enlisted Auctions
Stuarts Draft, VA

“I’d like to explain . . . what a huge help you have been to us and how you provide unbelievable turnaround time (which [clients] will NEVER be able to get anywhere else). Not only that, but you have a great servant attitude and consistently go above and beyond the call of duty for us. You provide unparalleled support and creativity . . . If I were still teaching, I would make [AdverRyting blog/column] required reading for all my students.”
Nan Torrence (former university marketing professor): Blue Ridge Community Church
Forest, VA

“Ryan’s brochure and newspaper designs are second to none! He is extremely efficient and organized . . . a great source for auctioneers.”
Carl Montgomery: Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co.
Murfreesboro, TN

“I have hired Ryan on a number of occasions to do work for my Real Estate business including: business card and letterhead design, website design and implementation, and some high-end business pamphlets. I would put Ryan’s work up against that of anyone and highly recommend all aspects of his expertise.”
Derek Bauer: Real Estate One
Livonia, MI

“You are the BEST! And I appreciate you more every time I work with you.”
Judy Rogers: Marty Rogers Auctioneer
Richmond, MO

“Ryan is always raising his game. He continues to work very hard at being better everyday. He will totally go above and beyond, to be on time and he has never missed a deadline. PLUS all his work is literally award winning. But the biggest bonus for using Biplane Productions, he adds value to my company through his blog and eNewsletter.”
Marty Rogers: Marty Rogers Auctioneer
Richmond, MO