141: A New Tool for Better Marketing Videos

I think it’s because “productions” is in my company’s name or maybe because I work in advertising. People ask me on a regular basis if I can recommend a good promotional video vendor. I know several talented, accomplished video guys—here in Central Virginia; but it would be quite expensive for my clients and peers around the country to hire them to shoot, edit, and produce company and event videos.

Even if my clients were local, the standard package deal includes paying the video vendor to professionally capture the content they would later use to build business videos. If a small business person has the budget for such professionals, they are worthy of their hire. You are paying for far more than upgraded camera equipment.

That said, I know many small businesses don’t have the budget for professional videography talent. I work in the auction industry, where complete marketing timelines are measured in days and advertising budgets are being squeezed by more and more media to include within the same seller expenditures. So, most of the few auctioneers who use video in their online and social platforms resort to single-take footage from their cell phones and consumer-grade devices.

Now there’s an affordable option on the market that bridges the geographic gap and the difference in production value. That option is DreamItReel, a New York-based startup that I have hired twice in the past month to build videos for me. Their value proposition is that they edit your video clips for you.

DreemItReel bannerTheir service is super simple: upload the clips you recorded into their site, type in some direction as to what you’d like the finished product to be, select how long you want the finished video to run, key in your credit card information, and then wait for the link to their finished product. You can also choose upgrades like expedited editing and even a 15-second teaser video to use for Instagram and other social media.

The capture quality on many phones, DSLR cameras, action cameras, and drones now is good enough to capture quality HD video. With some simple image capture tips available for free or cheap online (at sites like Lynda.com or Grovo.com), you can significantly improve the footage to upload to the DreamItReel team. You can upload your unedited video files straight from your desktop, mobile device, Dropbox folder, or one of several other cloud-based storage vendors. Then you can jump back to your other marketing tasks, while they do the dirty work.

This isn’t a paid endorsement, and it won’t be in the future. I’ve just been that impressed with the service so far and with my conversations with Tommy Tranfaglia, one of the founders from the quickly-growing company. As I was thinking about how many hours of editing they’re going to save me in the future—and what the monetary value of my time is—it hit me that others could use DreamItReel’s service to save time or money building their online brands.

Maybe one of those other brands is yours.

My anniversary trip video. (I replaced two clips from the DreamItReel version for this final product.)

My February Big Bend National Park Trip:

Stock image purchased from iStockPhoto.com.
DreamItReel image snagged from their website.

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