Creative Nonfiction Life

Before entering the auction industry, Ryan wrote for parenting and senior citizen publications on the Gulf Coast and banged out an honors B.S. in Commercial Writing with dual minors in Graphic Design and Advertising.

At his first career stop, Ryan broke Indiana and national single-year records for auctioneer association awards. In September of 2002, he and his wife moved back to the East Coast to be close to family and to start the adventurous flight that has been biplane productions.

Ryan loves macaroni & cheese and shifting through his MINI Cooper’s 6 gears. He spends his weekends writing essays, hiking in Virginia’s mountains, and chasing adrenaline rushes. He roots for the Baltimore Ravens and lots of summer rain (to make the local creeks kayakable). At his church, Ryan contributes to the parking team (his favorite job).

From saying wedding vows barefoot on a beach to meeting mountain potato farmers in the Andes, from whitewater rafting in the Dominican Republic to bungy jumping out of a New Zealand cable car—creative nonfiction is both Ryan’s lifestyle and life work.

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Continuing Education

Because auction advertising allows only tight budgets and tighter turnaround demands, many auctioneers assume that their marketing materials cannot compete with those of other industries. But the need to have advertising media fast shouldn’t force any auctioneer to accept ineffective, unattractive collateral.

Ryan George, the designer behind biplane productions has proven that the industry doesn’t have to set or accept low bars. He’s built biplane productions as a source for auctioneers who want to set new standards for their competitors and a new level of satisfaction from their sellers.

Since breaking into the auction industry in June of 2000, Ryan has designed media for over 2,800 auction campaigns. Working for some of the biggest names in the auction industry, he has won over 195 advertising awards—including at least 7 Best of Shows and 95 NAA plaques for auction industry professionals.

He’s handled auction marketing budgets from $500 to $250,000 and worked for auctions in over 40 states.

As an auction school instructor, continuing education presenter, and national seminar speaker, Ryan has built a reputation as a knowledgeable industry source.

Designed Advertising For Auctions in These States

Contributed to Advertising for Auctions in These States