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20230819 Welding Unlimited Facebook

172,483 targeted prospects saw the ads for this metal fabrication equipment 338,542 times. 21,456 of those potential bidders clicked 27,886 times on those ads. We achieved a click-through rate of 8.24% and a cost per click of only 3¢. We got some free publicity too—as interested parties shared the ads 93 times with their Facebook friends. 

Landlord Liquidation Ryan George Biplane Productions

204,962 target prospects saw the ads for this North Carolina warehouse landlord liquidation 316,349 times. 17,864 of those prospects clicked 19,778 times on those ads. We achieved a click-through rate of 6.25% and a cost per click of only 5¢. We got some free advertising too—with interested parties sharing the ads 145 times.

Our ads for this project vehicle auction got 82,587 to the client’s website at a cost of only 3¢/landing page view. 2,633 people shared the ads with their Facebook friends, and “the seller’s goals were blown out of the water.” 1,128,219 targeted prospects saw these ads from a $2,100 Facebook spend.

20220719 Clinton Place results

Biplane’s ads for this vintage farm auction in Iowa garnered 33,367 link clicks at an average cost of only 3¢/each.

20220719 Zane State results

Our Facebook ads for Zane State College’s used shop equipment drew 24,854 link clicks at a cost of only 6¢/each, pushing sale prices into record-setting territory.

20220630 Hiawassee results

With only $500 of Meta ads, this commercial property was sold to an investment group 2 hours away who—along with the runner-up bidders—learned of the auction from our Facebook ads.

20220430 Raymond Edigar results

Our Facebook ads for this selection of cattle & vintage farm equipment in Maryland drew 35,903 link clicks at a cost of only 4¢/each.

20220201 Hendrick Honda results

^ Our Facebook ads for this relocating Honda dealership drew 17,788 people to the auctioneer’s website at a cost of only 4¢/landing page view.

20220310 Steve Reddin results

^ Our Facebook ads for this storied & productive chicken farm in Tennessee drew 16,233 link clicks at a cost of only 6¢/click.

20220503 Bi-State Authority results

^ With just $500 of Facebook ads, we helped Parrott Auctions & Real Estate get the seller 194% of what they’d hoped they would gross for their used equipment.

20220607 Rifle River Trail results

^ Biplane’s Facebook campaign for this rural Northern Michigan property brought an out-of-state buyer who paid $170,750 over its assessed value and $118,750 over its Zillow & estimates.

20220129 Llewellyn Estate Facebook results

^ In addition to a direct mail campaign, my Facebook ads for this property garnered 38,367 link clicks for this Tennessee property at a cost of only 6¢/each. More importantly, EK Auctioneers had 147 bidders from 2 countries vying for it, leading to a fantastic sale price.

20220220 Tim's Custom Woodworks

^ Our Facebook ads for this retirement auction for Auctions ASAP garnered 34,422 link clicks at a cost of only 4¢/each.

20211028 Dyersburg Grain Elevator

^ Grain elevators have a very narrow buyer base, but our strategic Facebook ads for Alexander Auctions & Real Estate garnered 12,248 link clicks from targeted prospects at a cost of only 14¢/click.

Dozer Traps

^ Our ads for this Dave Bell Auctioneers auction of unused dozer traps were viewed 1,586,145 times by 629,376 targeted prospects. 70,912 of those people clicked 83,618 at a cost of only 2¢/click.

20210824 Summer Equipment

^ 25,296 targeted prospects clicked 35,754 times on the links in our Facebook ads for Schneider Auctioneers‘ equipment consignment auction—at a cost of only 7¢/click.

20211210 Apartment Foreclosures Facebook

^ Our postcard and Facebook campaign for two complexes comprised of 329 apartments garnered bidders from 10 states and a sale price of twice what the partnering auction companies anticipated pre-sale.

20211202 AEP

^ Our Facebook ads for this residential development property drew 26,190 clicks to Woltz & Associates, Inc.‘s website. More importantly, they helped contribute to a $16.2 million hammer price.

20220222 Arena Television

^ Our Facebook ads for CA Global Partners‘ auction of video production equipment were viewed 10.5 million times and drew 361,984 link clicks at an average cost of 1.6¢. The assets brought 170% of the auctioneer’s pre-auction estimates too.

20210408 Glen Eagle

^ Sellers wanted $550,000 for this land. Our direct mail & Facebook campaign helped West Central Auction Co get $1.8 million on auction day.

Biplane's postcard & Facebook campaign for this historic Missouri property resulted in more than 60 bidders & a sky-high sale price. Only 7¢/click.

^ Biplane’s postcard & Facebook campaign for this historic Missouri property resulted in more than 60 bidders & a sky-high sale price. Only 7¢/click.

20211012 Boramtec

^ With just $800 of Facebook ads for this drilling equipment, we reached 781,152 people and garnered 51,952 link clicks. 2 cents/click!

20200511 Rainbow CF

^ Imagine getting traffic to your farm real estate auction for as low as 2¢/click—and all ads for an average of 6¢/click. That’s what Doug Sheridan achieved for this dairy.

20210819 Evergreen Nursery

^ Recent feedback from our client: “Awesome results. Bidding and the number of registrations have well exceeded my expectations for this old worn equipment!” Do more with less, and exceed your own expectations.

20190822 Marshall County

^ 28 people registered to bid for this recreational property in Iowa after 13,912 people clicked on our Facebook ads. 6¢/click, 12% click-through rate. We can help you reel in sportsmen for your auctions.

20210324 Lavendar

^ Our Facebook campaign helped McLemore Auction Co get 324% of what the seller wanted—and buyers from as far away as Afghanistan.

20201118 Hidden Hills

^ 20,228 prospects visited this auction on Epic Auctions & Estate Sales‘ website from our Facebook ads at a cost of only 7¢ per landing page view.

20200225 DC Solar

^ We helped CA Global Partners with an auction of $50+ million in new-in-box and practically new solar power equipment. We got 28,881 people to their website at a cost of only 8¢/landing page view and only 6¢/click on our Facebook ads.

20210109 Turner Bison

^ 10,228 people clicked on our ads for Judson Seaman‘s bison auction at 6¢/click, and 278 of them shared the ads with their friends.

20201130 Cedar Knoll

^ This farm sold a week before its auction after 15,244 prospects visited Brooks Auction Services‘ website from our Facebook ads (10¢/click).

20201203 UMV

^ Our Facebook ads for this Parrott Real Estate & Auction Co., LLC. multi-property sale earned 25,346 link clicks from 22,528 prospects for only 12¢/each.

20191028 Harry Reed

^ I helped David Whitaker average an 18.71% click-through rate at 3¢/click and 4¢/landing page view for his vintage car auction in Iowa.

20200628 Tripoint

^ Facebook ads attract industrial buyers, too. We got 28,258 prospects to CA Global Partners‘ website for only 7¢/each.

20210125 Pushboat

^ We helped Hamilton Group Auctions & Appraisals find bidders for this unique, one-item auction from 10,775 clicks on our Facebook ads at a cost of only 6¢/click.

20200625 Grand Avenue

^ We helped Bradley Stoecker sell this vacation property well over the appraised value. 23 bidders from multiple states. Traffic from all 50 states and 31 countries.

20200611 Lake Juno

^ Facebook ads for this auction got 34,510 people to Rogers Auction‘s website at a cost of only 4¢ per landing page view (3¢/click).

20210208 Fayette County MCS

^ Our Facebook ads for a Kentucky Master Commissioner Sales auction drew 16,010 link clicks from 12,976 prospects at only 7¢/click.

20210202 Winter Consignment

^ Our Facebook campaign drew 26,473 people to a Schneider Auctioneers, LLC online consignment auction at a cost of only 7¢/click.

20200623 Allen Farm

^ Our ads for this Ohio farm garnered 27,466 clicks to Harvey Plus‘ website at a cost of only 7¢ each & click-through rates as high as 12.5%.

20200623 Kaiser

^ Our ads for this Herron Auction & Realty auction got 11,412 link clicks from a $350 Facebook spend. That’s 3¢ a click!

20200722 Basden

^ We helped Michael Rogers get 146% of his seller’s goal price for this home—with just $450 worth of Facebook ads.

20200507 Billy Hagen

^ We helped T&S Auction Service get 171% of their highest estimate for this auction’s results—with only $300 of Facebook ads.

20200627 Riverfront Estate

^ Our Facebook ads helped a client get 200+ people to open houses and $100k more than the seller expected—from pre-auction offers.

two company partners

^ We helped two auction company partners empty their own barns. We got 12,952 people to click over to their auction for only 3¢ each.

20190608 Reagor Dykes

^ We helped Jerry King get 35,283 clicks on his ads for a major Ford Motor Company auction of multiple dealerships—at an average of only 3¢ each (one ad at 2¢ each). We *averaged* a 12% click-through rate