What Biplane Does

Biplane Productions helps auction companies look like a reliable marketplace to potential buyers and marketing experts to potential sellers.

The three-step process looks like this:

Clarify their message for the various audiences of their assets or services.

This step includes a lot of questions to determine the ideal buyer or seller profile and the best strategy to get in front of them with disruptive media. I work from the audience out to the primary attraction then to the concept and finally out to the production. I emphasize what the audience wants to see—sometimes at the expense of what the auctioneer wants to see.

Communicate that message with attractive media.

Depending on the campaign, I help auctioneers apply their strategy to direct mail, newsprint, magazines, press releases, Facebook distribution, signs, proposals, and more. I help build brand recognition in the marketplace through clean design with a consistent look. Ideal advertisements are sparse with information, driving interested buyers and sellers to my clients’ websites for detailed content. Biplane Productions includes improved aerial imagery (where available) for all direct mail orders.

Measure that media with state-of-the art tools.

The marketplace offers a bevy of free or inexpensive tools to track the effectiveness and efficiency of media—either by category or individual iteration. The long-term results of this constant measurement helps my clients choose the most efficient media for future campaigns, and that data helps them educate sellers of all ages to changing market trends.

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