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114: Scaring Your Competition

Regardless of whether your advertising arrives in mailboxes, on newspaper stands, in websites, or between sign posts, your content has competition. Are you confident it’s winning that competition? If not, what would need to change to be the best?

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111: The 4 Steps to Advertising Success

There are no universal marketing guarantees, but starting from our audience’s perspective helps us ask the right strategic questions throughout a campaign. It’s not always easy to look through our audience’s lens, because we are often in a different head space than our prospect. When we do, though, we improve your chances of a successful campaign.

90: 6 Weird Intruders in Your Mail Box

Your media needs to make a good first impression, hold that attention, and then leverage its impact to evoke a specific response. The first step and the transition to the second step are typically where I see auctioneers stumble. They assume that the recipient is as interested in what they’re selling as they are and that the recipient will interact with an advertisement as though they already know the content will interest them.

82: Long Distance Marketing

On a regular basis, I talk to auctioneers who are proposing and contracting auctions across state lines—in some cases across multiple time zones. Whether these auctioneers are selling for distant estates with local heirs or for banks with holdings in multiple states, they are faced with the same dilemma: how do we find buyers in geographic areas outside of our expertise?

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30: 4-part Direct Mail Harmony

If you get one part of the deal out of whack, it takes away from the maximum impact of your advertising and may even bring negative reaction to your well-intentioned work . . . direct mail only works when great photography pairs with professional creative work and when well-produced pieces go to the right recipients.

20: Fair Advantage

Advertising awards can build your company’s identity; but a professional, recognizable, and consistent brand in the marketplace is far more likely to build your company’s revenue.

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