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215: Walking Out of the Toy Store

Sitting in a tiny, Italian restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, my wife asked me what was my biggest takeaway from my day representing MINI USA’s Final Test Test Drive program at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS). I couldn’t answer her without a broken voice and tears escaping under my glasses and down my cheeks.

211: 11 Words I Needed to Hear

In the din of a bustling convention center, a wiry stranger walked up to me, leaned close to my shoulder, said one sentence, and then walked away. Before the gentleman even finished his deliberate sentence, I felt like he was sent to to deliver it to me.

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The Adrenaline Rush I Didn’t Expect

If I were to measure the adrenaline rushes of my life in terms of cost per hour of participation, negotiating the Garden Route proved far more affordable than bungy jumping, sky diving, hang gliding, etc. That said, I wouldn’t mind paying extravagantly for safer ways to get my hits of endorphins, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

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192: Six Years to Life

For the first nine years of my driving carer, I never got a traffic ticket in my home state.

And then I moved to Virginia.

167: Driving While Anonymous

But this week brought a different sentiment to the uninspiring rental car experience. This week, I wasn’t renting a car from a distant airport. This week, I was driving four wheels’ worth of milquetoast on roads I drive everyday.

45: The Joy of Shifting

So, I don’t care what you drive. You can compensate with size or speed, sum or sculpted lines. But if it’s not a stick shift, you’re not driving.

41: Iconography

It was the simplicity of silver with the showbiz of metallic, the rumble of a stampede with the slipperiness of satin sheets. It was a she, and she was a pending mistress.

17: Überkart

I prefer to get more than I paid for from my vehicle—to get more from my journey than the miles.

4: DMV Daredevil

For now, I’ll keep finding the packs on interstates and beltways, where mob rule protects our 80-85-90-do-I-hear-95 fixes.