Biplane Productions Ryan George

236: Biplane Productions Turns 20!

20 Year Anniversary

This past weekend marked the twentieth anniversary of this incorporated one-man show, Biplane Productions. It doesn’t feel like two decades have passed since my first day working from home. Thanks to the trust of auction marketers from more than 250 auction companies, I’ve been able to chase lots of dreams like visiting both polar circles and all seven continents. The auction industry has made it possible for my wife and me to adopt our daughter, to live here in the mountains we love, and to dedicate so much of our lives to nonprofit work.

I can’t express how grateful I am for how auctioneers have opened their arms to an insecure, arrogant kid and graciously but firmly held on while I grew up. Some people call the auction profession a family, and I can vouch for that level of kindness. Heck, I could crash a dozen different auctioneer families’ Thanksgiving tables this year, and nobody would bat an eye. Today I thank the auction profession from the bottom of my heart for making my life bigger and more beautiful than I even dreamed when I first hung my shingle.


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